TMJ Treatment Charlotte

Let’s Eliminate Your Jaw Pain for Good

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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) occurs when inflammation or trauma occurs to the jaw joints that are located on either side of the head, at the base of the skull. Affecting millions of people, the pain that results can be debilitating if timely treatment is not sought. Dr. Gordon-Holt and Dr. Shah want to make life enjoyable again for anyone suffering from chronic jaw pain. With TMJ treatment in Charlotte, we can incorporate an array of services including BOTOX, occlusal splints, and other non-surgical options. Call our dental office to inquire about our available treatments.

Why Choose Holt Family Dentistry for TMJ Treatment?

  • Quick BOTOX Injections to Relieve Pain
  • Custom Occlusal Splints for Maximum Support
  • Bilingual Dentist and Staff Members

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

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Identifying TMJ Disorder usually requires a thorough examination by our team of professionals; however, you may be able to determine if a problem exists beforehand by keeping watch for these symptoms:

  • Chronic jaw pain
  • Sore, tender jaw muscles
  • Stiffness throughout the face and neck
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
  • Popping or clicking noises
  • Earaches
  • Migraines
  • Changes to your bite

TMJ Treatment Options

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At Holt Family Dentistry, we don’t disregard chronic jaw pain. Instead, we provide multiple solutions that can help to alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life. They include:

BOTOX Injections

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Dr. Shah is a qualified professional who can provide BOTOX injections to treat TMJ disorder and bruxism. Used solely for these purposes, BOTOX can help to temporarily freeze jaw muscles so that added tension does not occur. As a result, you will notice a dramatic difference in the alleviation of pain when opening and closing your mouth.

Occlusal Splints

Dentist holding light purple occlusal splint trays

An occlusal splint can be crafted using impressions of your smile. When worn at night (most commonly), the device can shift your jaw so that pressure is not placed on your joints, and your teeth remain protected from grinding or clenching.

Equilibration/Occlusal Adjustments

Person holding a model of the skull and pointing to the jaw joint

Certain misshapen teeth or a misaligned bite might be the cause of your TMJ, so our team will take images of your smile before determining which teeth need to be properly reshaped. When finished, you will notice a difference in the way your teeth and bite come together, allowing for greater ease and range of motion that doesn’t cause discomfort.