Root Canal Treatment Charlotte

Preserving Your Smile by Eliminating the Infection

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Saving teeth from extraction is one of the primary goals of dentistry. Helping patients keep their natural teeth as long as possible is essential, which is why root canal therapy is such a beneficial form of treatment. Although it has a bad reputation based on myths and misinformation, the process works to eliminate infection and keep natural teeth firmly in place. Let us know if you think you might benefit from a consultation that discusses the potential for root canal treatment in Charlotte.

Why Choose Holt Family Dentistry for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Digital Imaging for Improved Diagnostics
  • Dental Sedation Available
  • We Participate with Most PPO Dental Insurance Plans

What Happens During a Root Canal?

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Root canals require a skilled dental professional who understands the process of removing infection from the innermost layer of a tooth (the pulp). Dressing the area with a dental dam to isolate the wounded tooth, we will begin by creating a small opening in the crown of the tooth so that we can easily access the inner chambers and pulp. After removing any infected tissues, including this centralized area of pulp, we will sanitize the tooth before filling it with a biocompatible substance known as gutta-percha.

After this first step is complete, we will capture impressions of your tooth so that lab technicians can build a customized dental crown that you will wear over the weakened tooth. This will help to strengthen it over time while allowing you to eat, speak, and smile like normal.