Advanced Dental Technology Charlotte

Our Patients Deserve the Best in High-Tech Dentistry

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We don’t believe in providing mediocre dentistry. Instead, we strive to exceed patient expectations, and we do this, in part, through high-tech dental technology. Digital impressions, a cone beam scanner, and an intraoral camera are some of the innovative solutions you will find in our practice. Their ability to catch problems early on as well as generate accurate treatment plans and produce comfortable, natural restorations make these devices some of the best in the field. Find out more about the advanced dental technology in Charlotte that we offer and call us with any questions.

Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist taking digital impressions of a patients teeth

Using an iTero and Trios scanner, our digital dental impression system makes the process of capturing smile molds easier and more convenient. You won’t need to bite down on cold, messy putty but instead will have a handheld device that takes photos of your teeth, which will be displayed on a nearby monitor. Noting any changes or specifications required, we will transfer the image to lab technicians for the fabrication process.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam dental scanner against white wall

Dental X-rays allow our team to see below the gumline, which is helpful, but when more invasive treatment is required (i.e., dental implant surgery or root canal treatment), we need to see more of the inner workings of your mouth. This includes your teeth, gums, joints, nerves, blood vessels, and more. These components are captured using a CT/Cone Beam Scanner that takes hundreds of pictures and brings them together to form a 3D model that our team uses to plan for the placement of dental implants as well as other similar complex procedures.

Intraoral Camera

Dental professional holding an intraoral camera

Our Mouthwatch intraoral camera is a unique device that helps to pinpoint signs of decay that may be too hard to detect with the naked eye. Displayed images are seen on a chairside monitor so that you and your dentist can easily view the inside of your mouth. Not only will you learn about the status of your oral health and why it’s important to stay on top of your oral hygiene routine, but you’ll also have a visual to look at when discussing necessary treatment with a member of our team.