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Patient Reviews About Their Time with Our Charlotte NC Dentist

Looking for the best Charlotte NC dentist? See what REAL patients have to say about their time at Holt Family Dentistry. We know how important genuine reviews are, which is why we’re happy to share their thoughts. Call our office at (704) 542-2325 to schedule your visit with Dr. Holt today.

Nancy DeVries

Very friendly, professional office!!! – July 24, 2015

Stephanie Boschee

Alexis, Margarita, Sheila – love them all. Never had a group of folks I enjoyed letting into my mouth w/ sharp tools so much. You feel like you’re coming to coffee w/ girlfriends more than going to the dentist. You just to forego the coffee and steer toward dental floss instead. But you still leave feeling like you had a great gig w/ friends more than the dreaded dentist visit.July 22, 2015

Larry Oberholser

none…. you are the best! thank you for my smile…….. – July 16, 2015

Thomas Hamelin Jr

Margarita is always a pleasure to visit. – July 10, 2015

Renee Felix-Witherspoon

The best experience I have had at a dentist. Everyone was pleasant and I felt very comfortable. Very friendly atmosphere. – July 8, 2015

Bernetha Montgomery

Temaria, Yvonne, Kim, and of course the receptionist o boy don’t mention I forgot her name not good on my part just had a senior moment.LOL, Kim, and Dr. Holt. I have never met an office like this since I moved to N.C. except Dr.Sharma and his staff, keep up the good work it pays off in the end. Blessings.June 17, 2015

Terri Burns

The office staff in general was very friendly, but more importantly I felt as though my dental care is in good hands. – June 6, 2015

Thomas Lee

Everyone was great from the moment I walked in. Thank you! – June 3, 2015

Stephen Belsito

Everyone was fantastic. Exceptional customer service all the way around. – June 1, 2015

Patrick McKenny

Great as always!May 29, 2015

Kaitlyn Whalen

Everyone was lovely and charming as always! I feel like you guys care about me beyond my dental care, it’s always a pleasure. – May 15, 2015

Laura Fonseca

Dr Holt has been my dentist for more than five years and Margarita has been my hygienist for the same time. I think that they are amazing, very professional, respectful and caring. Office is very clean and inviting, receptionist is very nice. I have been reccomending them to some of my friends and co-workers. I just wish the administration of the practice would be a little more flexible about reescheduling appointments, they wanted to charge me 50 dlls for cancelatio. – May 14, 2015

Kim Poulton

The staff is very friendly and professional. The service is excellent. My exam, cleaning and filling were all pleasant. – May 14, 2015

Patricia Dyer

I can’t think of any improvements to make. – May 8, 2015

Heather Delangie

New equipment used while cleaning teeth (like a power washer), made cleaning very comfortable and effective! – May 8, 2015

Rebecca Duncan

Love This Practice!! – April 19, 2015

Muthulakshmi Balashbramanian

Kim and the front desk receptionist were both friendly and welcoming. Love coming for my check up. – April 18, 2015

Thomas Nesteruk

The service that was provided (as customary) was excellent! Thank you!

George Richardson Sr

Everyone was excellent

Tiffany Nixon

I love Dr. Holt and Staff, they were able to accomodate me by scheduling an appointment before work to rebond my crown. I’m so happy that I was able to be seen so soon, Dr. Holt you’re the best!!

Keith Thompson

The whole staff was great.

Charles Williams

No comment at this time!

Chell Mullis

I have always loved going to this office. I feel like family. My favorite part this time was my refreshment towel. I feel like I go to a spa dentist now! All we need next time is a shirtless man with a Palm leaf! And sugar grapes if you get the no cavity ok. If you have cavities then you get a nasty sugar free safety pop sucker. all in good fun* Chell, your favorite patient and future contest winner 😉

Gregory Miller

All of the hygienists are great, and Dr Holt is wonderful!

Rebecca Duncan

Love this practice!!!!!!

Heather Delangie

New equipment used while cleaning teeth (like a power washer), made cleaning very comfortable and effective!

Patricia Dyer

I can’t think of any improvements to make.

Kristin Hutchins

The entire staff at your dentist office were amazing! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I love that Dr. Holt took the time to personally take care of my first cleaning, that’s the first time I have ever seen a dentist take the time to do a cleaning, even if I was a first time patient, it really shows that she cares about her patients and their dental health.

Our Charlotte NC dentist values every moment with each patient, ensuring their smile is healthy and strong. We can’t wait for your visit so we can do the same for you!