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Dr. Sheila Gordon-Holt is Our General, Cosmetic and Pediatric Dentist in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Sheila Gordon-Holt is proud to serve the community of Charlotte and beyond! Holt Family Dentistry is located in the heart of the Ballantyne area just 5 minutes away from the iconic Ballantyne Village. Our team specialized in a wide variety of services to accommodate every dental health need. Whether you need a simple dental cleaning or a more advanced cosmetic treatment, you can trust that our high quality services can get you the smile of your dreams! We are committed to comprehensive, excellent dental care for people of all ages. From children to seniors, our patients always receive the best possible dental care. Our pediatric dentist in Charlotte NC can help your child achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Holt Family Dentistry offers services in general, cosmetic, and advanced dentistry. Dr. Gordon-Holt is dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthier, stronger smile that lasts a lifetime. She can also help to make cosmetic dentistry more accessible to patients so that they can easily achieve the beautiful smile of their dreams. For simple smile maintenance, we recommend that patients come in for a dental cleaning and examination every six months. Regular dental cleanings can dramatically reduce your risk for developing dental health issues. Gum disease is one of the leading health issues found in adults, and it can have a direct correlation to overall wellness. We recommend that a basic dental hygiene routine consists of brushing twice per day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing every night, and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash. When combined with regular visits to our dentist, you can build a healthy and strong smile!

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Dental health needs vary depending on age, so talk to our team to find out how often you should be having your teeth professionally cleaned. Children are particularly prone to cavities, so they need to develop good oral health habits starting at a young age. Talk to our pediatric dentist in Charlotte to learn more about how you can encourage healthy dental hygiene habits for your child. Older adults may also require additional visits to our dentist for more frequent cleanings. Things like medications, diet, dental hygiene habits, and even just aging can cause a variety of dental health issues, so regular check ins with our team can help seniors maintain a healthy smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gordon-Holt to find out more about your specific dental health requirements.

The goal of Holt Family Dentistry is to provide quality, affordable dental care for people throughout our area and beyond. We have a reputation for being one of the most trusted sources of dental care in the Ballantyne area. Our pediatric dentist in Charlotte NC helps kids all over our area achieve strong foundations for healthy smiles that will last them well into adulthood. Kids are at a higher risk for oral health issues because many of their favorite snacks and drinks are high in sugar, which contributes to plaque and tartar. Too much sugar can erode tooth enamel and lead to cavities and other dental health issues that could persist into their teens. Cavities can have a great impact on your child’s future smile, so try to be proactive with their dental care.

The best way to ensure that they have bright dental futures is to care for their smile even as a young child. Try to reduce your child’s intake of sugar, and teach them how to properly care for their smile. Find ways to make brushing fun so that they can build healthy hygiene habits. Try giving them a fun toothbrush, playing their favorite song for two full minutes, or brush with them as a bonding activity. There are so many ways to help your child achieve a healthy smile! You can also introduce more fibrous fruits and veggies, dairy products, and lean meat to help strengthen their smile. A nutritious diet can make a huge difference in overall health, and that includes your child’s smile!

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and strong smile that will make them feel confident! That is why our practice offers services like teeth whitening, Invisalign, and veneers. There are so many ways to improve the appearance of your smile, whether that be for an event or for the long term. Teeth whitening can be an excellent option for anyone looking for an immediate enhancement to their smile. Professional teeth whitening can be completed in-office or at home, both of which are great options. Services can be designed to meet the patient’s specific smile needs so that discoloration can be treated at an affordable rate. We also offer more permanent cosmetic dental treatments, like porcelain veneers. Veneers can be a great option for anyone looking to improve the color, shape, or size of their teeth. To find out if veneers would be right for your smile, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gordon-Holt. She can help you find the right treatment plan to suit your individual needs!

Every person that comes to Holt Family Dentistry for care is considered family. We know that no two smiles are the same, so we approach every case with detailed treatment that is designed around your needs. Special consideration is given to accommodate any budget so that you can receive the care you need. Cost should never get in the way of someone receiving the best possible dental care, so we can design your treatment to fit your exact needs. You are family when you come to us for care, so that is the level of care you can expect to receive with every visit. Choose dentistry that puts the patient first; choose Holt Family Dentistry!

To learn more about services offered by our pediatric dentist in Charlotte, NC, call our office to schedule a consultation. Our team can help you and your family develop healthy and beautiful smiles! Call today to book your next visit with us.