Help Your Child Care for Their New Smile!

shutterstock_662672152Check Out Helpful Tips for Your Child’s Smile with Our Pediatric Dentist in Charlotte, Dr. Holt

Our pediatric dentist in Charlotte, NC knows that losing baby teeth is a major milestone in your child’s life. This process occurs around age six or seven when it’s time to make room for your child’s adult teeth. Your child’s first set of adult teeth are their molars at the back of their mouth. This will gradually push your child’s baby teeth out of place and encourage the eruption of the teeth underneath their gums. It will take several years for all of your child’s adult teeth to fully emerge. You should bring your child to visit Holt Family Dentistry every six months so that their oral health and tooth eruption progression can be monitored.


If your child has a tooth that’s just barely hanging on, there are some gentle ways to help it along without damaging their gums. Dr. Holt recommends grabbing a very loose tooth with a tissue and giving it a gentle tug. If this isn’t enough to help the tooth along, it may not be ready to fall out just yet. You should never try to remove a tooth that isn’t loose enough because it causes damage to the gums and the adult tooth underneath. If your child’s gum bleeds excessively when their tooth comes out, use a tissue to put pressure on the area until a clot can be formed. Have them be careful when brushing for the next few days so that they do not irritate the area.


Our Charlotte pediatric dentist knows that one of the best parts of losing baby teeth is the visit from the tooth fairy. Dr. Holt has plenty of suggestions on how to introduce the concept of the tooth fairy so that your child is excited about their new smile! Some children may be scared about losing their teeth, or may not enjoy the idea of a fairy putting money under their pillow at night. If your child is anxious about this process, try different approaches to make this process fun! If leaving a small gift under your child’s pillow is not their favorite option, try a box instead. Having a tooth box that they place their tooth in overnight may make them more comfortable with the idea of the tooth fairy. Try giving them new dental care products when they lose a tooth to encourage proper dental care!


If you’re looking for more helpful tips when it comes to your child’s smile, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Holt, our pediatric dentist in Charlotte, by calling (704) 542-2325 and scheduling your family’s appointment today.