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[ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” heading_text=”Nancy DeVries”]Very friendly, professional office!!!

July 24, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Stephanie Boschee” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Alexis, Margarita, Sheila – love them all. Never had a group of folks I enjoyed letting into my mouth w/ sharp tools so much. You feel like you’re coming to coffee w/ girlfriends more than going to the dentist. You just to forego the coffee and steer toward dental floss instead. But you still leave feeling like you had a great gig w/ friends more than the dreaded dentist visit.

July 22, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Larry Oberholser” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]none…. you are the best! thank you for my smile……..

July 16, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Thomas Hamelin Jr” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Margarita is always a pleasure to visit.

July 10, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Renee Felix-Witherspoon” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]The best experience I have had at a dentist. Everyone was pleasant and I felt very comfortable. Very friendly atmosphere.

July 8, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Bernetha Montgomery” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Temaria, Yvonne, Kim, and of course the receptionist o boy don’t mention I forgot her name not good on my part just had a senior moment.LOL, Kim, and Dr. Holt. I have never met an office like this since I moved to N.C. except Dr.Sharma and his staff, keep up the good work it pays off in the end. Blessings.

June 17, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Terri Burns” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]The office staff in general was very friendly, but more importantly I felt as though my dental care is in good hands.

June 6, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Thomas Lee” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Everyone was great from the moment I walked in. Thank you!

June 3, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Stephen Belsito” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Everyone was fantastic. Exceptional customer service all the way around.

June 1, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Patrick McKenny” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Great as always!

May 29, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Kaitlyn Whalen” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Everyone was lovely and charming as always! I feel like you guys care about me beyond my dental care, it’s always a pleasure.

May 15, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Laura Fonseca” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Dr Holt has been my dentist for more than five years and Margarita has been my hygienist for the same time. I think that they are amazing, very professional, respectful and caring. Office is very clean and inviting, receptionist is very nice. I have been reccomending them to some of my friends and co-workers. I just wish the administration of the practice would be a little more flexible about reescheduling appointments, they wanted to charge me 50 dlls for cancelatio.

May 14, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Kim Poulton” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]The staff is very friendly and professional. The service is excellent. My exam, cleaning and filling were all pleasant.

May 14, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Patricia Dyer” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]I can’t think of any improvements to make.

May 8, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Heather Delangie” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]New equipment used while cleaning teeth (like a power washer), made cleaning very comfortable and effective!

May 8, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Rebecca Duncan” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]Love This Practice!!

April 19, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-comment” heading_text=”Muthulakshmi Balashbramanian”]Kim and the front desk receptionist were both friendly and welcoming. Love coming for my check up.

April 18, 2015[/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” icon_color=”” heading_text=”Thomas Nesteruk” link_text=”” link_url=”” extra_class=””]The service that was provided (as customary) was excellent! Thank you!  [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”George Richardson Sr”]Everyone was excellent [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Tiffany Nixon”]I love Dr. Holt and Staff, they were able to accomodate me by scheduling an appointment before work to rebond my crown. I’m so happy that I was able to be seen so soon, Dr. Holt you’re the best!! [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Keith Thompson”]The whole staff was great.  [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Charles Williams”]No comment at this time![/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Chell Mullis”]I have always loved going to this office. I feel like family. My favorite part this time was my refreshment towel. I feel like I go to a spa dentist now! All we need next time is a shirtless man with a Palm leaf! And sugar grapes if you get the no cavity ok. If you have cavities then you get a nasty sugar free safety pop sucker. all in good fun* Chell, your favorite patient and future contest winner 😉 [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Gregory Miller”]All of the hygienists are great, and Dr Holt is wonderful! [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Rebecca Duncan”]Love this practice!!!!!! [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Heather Delangie”]New equipment used while cleaning teeth (like a power washer), made cleaning very comfortable and effective! [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Patricia Dyer”]I can’t think of any improvements to make.  [/ceres_icon_box][ceres_icon_box icon=”fa-star-o” heading_text=”Kristin Hutchins”]The entire staff at your dentist office were amazing! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I love that Dr. Holt took the time to personally take care of my first cleaning, that’s the first time I have ever seen a dentist take the time to do a cleaning, even if I was a first time patient, it really shows that she cares about her patients and their dental health.  [/ceres_icon_box]