Crown restoration procedures are one of the most common dental procedures for patients who may want to improve their smile for health or aesthetic reasons. A crown (also called a cap) is an artificial cover that protects the tooth. It may be used to restore and preserve decayed, broken or cracked teeth. Crowns can also improve your overall appearance, and in turn, your confidence! If you’d like to learn some information about dental crowns at Holt Family Dentistry, read on to learn more about the procedure.



Your Dentist in Charlotte, NC may advise you to get a crown if you suffer from any of the following issues:


  • Decayed tooth that needs to be restored to its normal shape and size
  • Cracked tooth with large cavities or worn fillings
  • Poor-fitting crown
  • Root canal treated tooth
  • Cosmetic issue
  • Bite problem



Porcelain: Usually the most common, this is a tooth-colored crown made of porcelain reinforced resin. Dr. Holt will work with you to find the perfect shade that matches your smile exactly. This is the most natural and most common dental crown.


Metal: These are made of gold or other metals. It is very strong and won’t break. Because this type isn’t tooth colored, it may not be the best for a front tooth. This type of crown would be best suited for a tooth in the back of the mouth.


Combination: The metal makes the base stronger than a porcelain crown, but has the aesthetic appeal of the porcelain. Ask your dentist for more information on the combination dental crown to find out if it would be a good option for you.



Before preparing your tooth for a crown, your dentist may numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, the tooth is reduced and shaped, removing any decay, damage, or injury. Your tooth may also need rebuilding if larger parts are missing. After, a mold is taken for the prepared tooth and the surrounding teeth. A temporary crown is then applied to protect the prepared tooth between visits. Typically, you will wear this temporary crown for about two weeks, or until your permanent crown is created and delivered. Once the permanent crown is attached, the cement will harden and you will be good as new!


Dental crowns are not for everyone, but they may be a great option for you to improve your smile! If you would like to request more information about dental crowns, call you Charlotte, NC dentist at 704-542-2325. Holt Family Dentistry looks forward to hearing from you!




Types of Crowns