Biggest Modern Advances in Dentistry

Dentistry looks different than it did just 20 years ago. Thanks to all of the incredible advancements that science has made, your Charlotte NC dentist is able to completely transform your smile and change the way it looks and feels. Here are some of the biggest innovations that have changed the way we look at dental care.

Invention of Loupes
Loupes are the glasses that dentists wear with built-in magnification to allow the dentist to see inside the mouth with ease. These glasses improve patient care and make treatment faster.


Teeth Whitening
With the help of whitening chemicals, getting the teeth a vibrant shade of white is now easier than ever before. The most effective way to handle teeth whitening is to visit the dentist in-office for treatment.


Powered Toothbrushes
Power toothbrushes with soft bristles feature vibrating heads and oscillating power. They remove plaque just like a manual toothbrush but are easier for some people to use.


Composite Restorations
It’s a great time to have your teeth fixed. Instead of the older, amalgam fillings which gave a metallic hue to your mouth, Dr. Holt now has access to composite restorations. They come in a variety of shades, so it’s simple to match the color of your natural teeth. They also allow for more of your natural tooth to remain in your mouth.


Implant Improvements
Technology has given us the ability to replace a patient’s missing teeth with implants faster than could be done before. Dental implants which are capped by a bridge, denture or crown, look more realistic than ever before. They also feature a high success rate and can last the lifetime of a patient.


Clear teeth aligners eliminate the embarrassment many adults faced when wearing braces. For those who need to straighten their teeth, clear aligners are just as effective at moving crooked teeth and closing the gaps between teeth without wires and metal brackets.


Isn’t it great what modern dentistry has done recently? The time has never been better to upgrade your smile, either by straightening, replacing missing teeth or whitening. If you are in need of any of these modern dental services, reach out to your Charlotte NC dentist today by calling (704) 542-2325. There’s no longer any reason to avoid dental care that will improve your smile.

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